An interview with Jo Burrows - wotmalike

An interview with Jo Burrows - wotmalike

What's the story behind your business? 

Started in 2010 creating dialect based cards, husband and wife team Jo and Nick Burrows - Jo is an illustrator, Nick runs the business.  A fortune teller told Jo in 2014 she would draw people and everyone would love them.  At that point she hadn't ever drawn people.  Her drawing style has evolved and she has drawn many people with world wide licences on her artwork.

Tell me about your products... 

We print all the wooden products we produce in house - we use a high tech digital printer and we seal the wood so our artwork is water resistant and very tough and durable.  We print on demand so our catalogue of products is huge as we dont have to hold stock.

What has lockdown / the last year meant for you / your business? 

We had 14 weeks last year with zero income and no government support - we were one of the 3 million #exlucdeduk business who were overlooked.  It was very hard to see others getting support and we felt penalised despite being tax payers and being honest.  We have had to change our business model, we scaled down our warehousing and are accepting of these uncertain times.  We do more independent online sales now whereas before we were mainly wholesale to shops.

What do you hope to gain from indebox? 

Reaching a new audience, a cooler younger audience hopefully.

Why is it important for you / your business to support other independent businesses?  We have strong ties with all our stockists and suppliers and have a reputation of being efficient, fair and friendly.  We think this adds to our success and we enjoy seeing others prosper all the big names seem to be closing so its important to help independents during these times.

What do you love about Brixton / South London? 

I have two friends who are both very successful designers (for huge names) who live in Brixton and love it there.   They have lived there for 20 years and say they'll never move - visiting them is always great - lovely house and also such diversity and vibrance and artiness.  Its great.