An interview with Mikey Hirsch - Market Row Rum

An interview with Mikey Hirsch - Market Row Rum

What's the story behind your business?

Market Row is a super-premium botanical rum, hand crafted in the heart of Brixton and infused with flavours of the Market.

Tell me about your product

Market Row is a blend of five amazing rums from the Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic. We infuse our rum with 9 botanicals locally sourced from Brixton Market including Nigerian Hibiscus, Kenyan Black Tea and Rose Petals from Pakistan.

What has lockdown / the last year meant for you / your business?

Launching – We were lucky enough for the pandemic to land smack bang in the middle of our first year. While it’s had its challenges (for example, trying to sell rum when there are no bars and restaurants open), it hasn’t been all bad. We’ve had a very successful start in online retail – even if bars aren’t open it doesn’t mean that people have stopped drinking rum! The slow start has also given us a lot more time to get to know the local businesses (such as Indebox) and the local people and find ways of supporting each other through difficult times.

What do you hope to gain from indebox?

As a new business we’re always just excited for people to try Market Row for the first time and to be able to showcase it alongside so many other amazing items from South London through Indebox is such a privilege.

Why is it important for you / your business to support other independent businesses?

For me, Brixton and South London are all about community. We’re a Brixton rum, and not just by name, we want to support local independent businesses and local people so we can officially become part of that community.

What do you love about Brixton / South London?

Where do we start? Brixton is so full of arts, music and culture from all over the world. It’s so sad for us to walk through the Market and see it so quiet when it’s usually so full of life. We know it will be back soon!