An interview with Sam Chandler - Gemini Chocolate

An interview with Sam Chandler - Gemini Chocolate

What's the story behind your business? 

Gemini was essentially inspired by the cacao bean from which all chocolate is made. I learnt that this bean, which is actually a seed, is incredibly nutritious and full of unique and amazing compounds such as theobromine. Gemini was born when I questioned why chocolate was considered as unhealthy when the cacao bean is so healthy. Therefore, I decided to have a go at making chocolate that I believed was not only good for you, but also delicious. As a business slowly emerged from this, I also realised the importance creating chocolate ethically so that it benefitted everyone and everything involved. 

Tell us about your products?

We make award winning organic vegan chocolate that’s made from bean to bar using Peruvian Criollo cacao beans. To sweeten our chocolate, we either use dates or Palmyra Tree Blossom, which is an incredibly nutritious unrefined sugar from the nectar of the Palmyra palm tree. We’ve also made great efforts to only use natural minimally processed ingredients to flavour our chocolate in unique ways. For example, ‘Fig & Jasmine’ is made using real jasmine flowers as opposed to a flavouring or jasmine essence.    

What has lockdown / the last year meant for you / your business? 

This year has certainly been challenging at times, but it has created a space for reflection. Normally, I find mind self constantly trying to grow and push the business forward. However, this hasn’t always felt appropriate during this time. This has created more room for introspection and solidifying the foundations of Gemini Chocolate.  

What do you hope to gain from indebox? 

I always enjoy connecting with local businesses and creating mutually beneficial relationships. This has certainly been the case with indebox. It’s also great to share the local flavour of Brixton and spread its culture to other parts of the UK.  

Why is it important for you / your business to support other independent businesses? 

Supporting other independent businesses creates connection and a greater sense of community. This is needed more than ever at the moment, and everyone benefits from the relationships we build.  

What do you love about Brixton / South London? 

Brixton’s multicultural way of life generates a buzz that I’ve rarely seen with its incredible display of music, food and culture. I often hear people who live there speak so passionately about Brixton, and it’s easy to see why.  

Anything else we should know? 

 Before making chocolate I was a professional musician. Whilst the two disciplines may seem very different, I have enjoyed the process of slowly discovering how similar they actually are.