Going local in lockdown and beyond

Going local in lockdown and beyond

With the world due to open again over the next few months, and after numerous lockdowns, now more than ever businesses need our support. Many local businesses ranging from restaurants to bookshops aren’t set up to weather the storm of lockdowns. With conscious effort, we can help them navigate through these times and show our support in more ways than one. Here are some of our ideas:

Go and buy from them

It may seem obvious, but consciously reaching out to local businesses and spending directly with them is a lost art in the modern world. Communities thrive on relationships that develop as a result of this interaction. At indebox, we have built relationships with local businesses by simply popping our head in and saying hello. 

https://www.brixtonlocal.life/ are helping spread the word on independent businesses and services around the Brixton area.

Get creative in the kitchen

Head to the local shops to access unique foods, spices and ingredients, and wow your family and friends with your culinary skills. Perhaps a dish or two could become a staple.

Guzzl in Brixton Market offer a range of products from independent businesses, and Pipoca are the stand out local business for vegan options.

Get a takeaway 

If cooking isn’t your thing, how about getting a takeaway instead? Restaurants and pubs have become more adept, and why not collect and say hello to the staff - we all need the interaction right now.

Brixton market has lots of great options - our favourites are Other Side Fried and Black Bear Burger

Give a positive review 

Customers base decisions on reviews - drive people to local businesses by leaving them 5 stars and some great feedback. Don’t be afraid to go into detail - why not talk about the great customer service, or mention the name of the owner. This personal touch goes a long way. All feedback is so important and every small business has blind spots 

Pay for what its worth, and tip more

Discounts are everywhere - they aim to price out the competition and buy loyalty. Local businesses can’t afford to play this game, so pay the right price - it’s more satisfying this way. Be conscious of how much you tip for takeaways - without table service, tips for staff have disappeared. Keep this in mind the next time someone gives you a good service. 

Offer your skills  

You may have skills to offer. It could be IT, finance, writing, marketing or social media. Whatever your skill, local businesses can often utilise it. Reach out, and update your cv in the process.

Be an undercover salesperson

Talk about it, and then talk about it some more. There may even be referral incentives for doing so. Word of mouth is a great way for businesses to thrive, whilst being important to communities. Ask other people about how they support local businesses, and listen to what they have to say. Creating conversations and information exchange is how partnerships start and relationships build.  

Buy gift cards 

You can give the cards to loved ones, save them until you’re able to visit, or buy online. This is an instant way to put money into your favourite local businesses, and the extra cash flow is gold dust to them. 

Go online 

Many businesses are offering online classes, whether its yoga or creative writing. Find out what’s available and align it with your interests. With lockdowns and social distancing, many businesses have found a good substitute. Embrace these classes and turn on your video - it will never be the same as the real thing but we can get pretty close. 

Whether it’s to treat yourself, or someone else, indebox gives you the ability to enjoy local at home. 

Support digital presence

Enhance the power of social media and get posting, liking, sharing, tagging, commenting, you get the gist. This is free, and the potential huge. The shop down the road don’t have the reach of global brands with endless marketing budgets - give them a voice by lending yours. 

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