Our Story



2020 has redefined our lives, and we have been forced to adapt. 


For me, the pandemic hit home when I was made redundant from my job. Confined to my flat with nothing but time and a Christmas to-do list, I found myself walking the streets of Brixton. This once buzzing place of culture and proud business owners was empty. It was a stark outlook for locals dependent on this prospering suburb.


I couldn’t go home to my beloved Scotland for Christmas, and I wanted to help my community at the same time. I shopped local, and proudly sent my Brixton grown Christmas presents off to my friends and family. I felt a sense of joy that my family could experience pieces of Brixton with me. They loved their local goodies, and the presents served as a teaser for when they come and visit. I hope that when I leave Brixton, someone might send me a gift box from the area, reminding me of the amazing times I had here. Brixton has an amazing culture, and I feel so fortunate to be part of its community.  


Christmas provided my light bulb moment. I realised this could be something more than Brixton and Scotland. I wanted to create a local feel in a box, and allow people to reach it, connecting loved ones and supporting the local community in a way no one has done before. 


Brixton’s culture and buzzing markets will hopefully be thriving again soon but until then, I hope we can help them find another way through indebox. Brixton is the start of our journey, and we cannot wait to start exploring other local areas, bringing them closer to your family and friends.


So what do we do?


We support local independent businesses around the UK, creating exclusive gift boxes celebrating different local areas and cultures. The boxes include but are not limited to food and drink, self-care and lifestyle products. We are always looking for new ideas that can help bring us closer together, and the farther afield we grow, the better.


We would love to hear from you, so please reach out to hey@indebox.co.uk


Perhaps we can work together, and we’d love for you to join us on our journey. 





Brixton Box in Brixton Village


Our Brixton Box is available now: